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Families move forward with Lighthouse plans

Ryan Buncher-

The families of Mark Lennon and Lindsey Stewart are moving forward with the goal of building a lighthouse in their memory. Lennon and Stewart lost their lives in the boat crash on the Hudson River July 26 and now the Lindsey And Mark Memorial Fund bears their names. The families took another step toward their goal Tuesday, presenting their request to build the lighthouse on Piermont Pier to the Piermont Board of Trustees "We are committed to building a lighthouse in Mark and Lindsey's memory," said Ray Lennon, Mark's brother. "We would like to propose to the board, to the village that the lighthouse be erected at (the) pier. I think it is fitting. It is obvious, where a lighthouse belongs, on the water." Ray Lennon was joined by his wife, Jeannine, and Carol Stewart-Kosik, Lindsey Stewart's mother.

The article in its entirity may be read by visiting Nyack Patch website

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