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About Lindsey...

Lindsey’s credo was “Positivity is all that matters.” Sometimes Lindsey would tell us  gently but firmly, “Accept what is happening and embrace it.”  She could always offer an alternative point of view.  She always set an example  that if you believe good things will happen, your belief will make good things happen.


I think so many people will remember that about Lindsey: She was always putting a positive spin on a negative situation.

Lindsey had a powerful force and it came from within.

She created a presence wherever she went – whether it was work or whether it was home. Whether it was family or whether it was friends.


She was a giver of the heart.

And she’d put things in the past, if someone needed a friend.

She wouldn’t turn anyone away, no matter what.

She was always fascinated with living life on the edge… having a busy life, full of adventure.


But she was also driven and a workaholic.  At age 22, she found her calling in Human Resources work, which was perfectly fitting because she was a helper. Lindsey was a workaholic.


Everything was about gaining momentum in life.  And if there’s a lesson in that aspect of her life, it’s this: “Be accomplished. In something. Whatever it is.”


She shared her love of animals… and her love of children… with her sister Allyson.


Lindsey regularly demonstrated her belief that you can’t always change your position, but you can always change your disposition.


If she is destined to forever be linked with this tragedy, then there is one important thing I want you to know about tragedy:


Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.


Is Lindsey’s death a tragedy? Yes…And she would want all of us to use it as a source of strength.  Think… right now… of one way you will use this tragedy…One thing…. one action you will take.


Maybe it’s as simple as realizing the love you have for someone and telling them, because this tragedy taught you that you may never get that chance again.  Let that be Lindsey’s legacy.

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