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Stewart & Lennon Family statement in response to DA indictment charges

We are not surprised by the news of Jo Jo John’s indictment yesterday. We are disappointed that the office of The District Attorney focused its attention on the behavior of Jo Jo John to the exclusion of anyone else. We continue to believe that the owners and operators of the barges where this accident happened share responsibility for the happening of this accident. Not only was the lighting on the barges insufficient or non-existent on the night of this accident but the contractors using the barges were warned in advance of this tragedy that boaters operating at night in the vicinity of the Tappan Zee Bridge could not see the barges. Had they heeded this warning and placed sufficient lighting on the barges this accident could have been avoided. We do not understand why this investigation did not include all culpable parties.

The Lennon & Stewart-Kosik Families

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