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Stories about Lindsey & Mark

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​Carol Stewart-Kosik's Euology of Lindsey

Lindsey’s credo was “Positivity is all that matters.” Sometimes Lindsey would tell us  gently but firmly, “Accept what is happening and embrace it.” She could always offer an alternative point of view. She always set an example  that if you believe good things will happen, your belief will make good things happen.


I think so many people will remember that about Lindsey: She was always putting a positive spin on a negative situation. Lindsey had a powerful force and it came from within. She created a presence wherever she went – whether it was work or whether it was home. Whether it was family or whether it was friends.


She was a giver of the heart. And she’d put things in the past, if someone needed a friend. She wouldn’t turn anyone away, no matter what.


She was always fascinated with living life on the edge… having a busy life, full of adventure. But she was also driven and a workaholic.     


At age 22, she found her calling in Human Resources work, which was perfectly fitting because she was a helper. Lindsey was a workaholic.



Everything was about gaining momentum in life. And if there’s a lesson in that aspect of her life, it’s this: “Be accomplished. In something. Whatever it is.”


She shared her love of animals… and her love of children… with her sister Allyson.


Lindsey regularly demonstrated her belief that you can’t always change your position, but you can always change your disposition.


If she is destined to forever be linked with this tragedy, then there is one important thing I want you to know about tragedy: Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.


Is Lindsey’s death a tragedy? Yes…And she would want all of us to use it as a source of strength. Think… right now… of one way you will use this tragedy….One thing…. one action you will take.


Maybe it’s as simple as realizing the love you have for someone and telling them, because this tragedy taught you that you may never get that chance again.  Let that be Lindsey’s legacy.


-Carol Stewart-Kosik

Ray Lennon's Euology of Mark;


I'm at a loss as to what I can say about my brother. Mark was always the person to lighten the mood, life of the party, source of laughter and his "Infectious Smile" would just lift everyones spirit. We could all use him right about now! I think I might copyright that phrase "Infectious Smile" Going through the 1000's of photos over the past few days, we couldn't find one without that Jovial ear to ear grin. Evidence that Mark honestly loved life and being with his friends. Oddly enough Mark never owned a camera, my parents bought him one before his trip to Africa and ironically enough that ended up in the bottom of Lake Victoria. I don't think there is a single person who didn't like my brother or wasn't impressed by his demeanor. Mark lived life on his terms and for lack of a better term Mark chose the path less traveled, both figuratively and literally. Mark always found away to add adventure to everyday. He did this through his spontaneity. He also did this through his controversial choice of sports teams. Being a Redsox & Devils fan in Ranger country and in the Backyard of the house that Jetter built. Always for the underdog, and he used this as a way to have banter and create controversy and instant conversation with those around him. 

When not out adventuring, and causing social Chaos, Mark loved his family especially his Godchildren and even then, he managed to raise a few eyebrows! I came home to Mark and Shane prancing around the backyard on a set of toy golf clubs "Riding the Pony." A few days later, Mark was conducting slap shot lessions against the back wall of the house with the boys. He loved those boys! and his spirit already shines through them! Lilly was Marks princess,  and that's where we witnessed marks softer side. Don't be fooled, Mark had already told me that HE would be the one conducting boyfriend interviews when the time came. Mark also loved his friends, especially Brian and Lindsey. The three amigos, like a three legged stool, one would not be able to stand without the other two. Mark loved being in that apartment in Piermont, beside the water and with the two people he could kick off those sandals and watch their favorite sports teams and enjoy each others company. 

Carol Stewart said that in tragedy we must find strength. I somehow have already embraced that strength as I know Mark would not want for us to feel sorrow from their loss. 

There is one photo on Marks facebook profile, with him high on a mountain top, with the heavens behind and his caption reads " I am Higher than you now" well Bro, you certainly are, and you are smiling down upon us. 

Words cannot describe the emotions I am feeling right now, but with time I will be able to fully embrace and come to terms with the fact that in your short 30 years with us you have touched sooo many and have made a huge impact with that smile which one cannot measure physically.

I love you brother, and you will be sincerely missed, continue to smile down upon us as you have on this sad day and the days to come. 


-Ray Lennon

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